Are you confused, overwhelmed and want to know what REALLY WORKS for your women’s health journey?

Learn inspiring and empowering ways to help you to Boost your well-being, vitality, confidence, energy and resilience at ANY stage of your life. 

“…Wendy has done a brilliant job combining theory with the practical for women’s health.  This is enhanced with her ‘workbook’ style that will have you taking an honest look at your health and assist you to develop an action plan that suits you NOW – where ever you are in your reproductive life and health….” Katherine Beaumont, ND

Radiant Women Book, Events & Webinars  – More about the book HERE

As well as Radiant Women Book and consultations we have some great value FREE stuff such as the GIFT E-book guide for midlife women – you can sign up and get your copy at Get Your Midlife Mojo Back .  This Guide helps you know more about what Menopause IS, how to know what the common signs are and what to do about it.

Radiant Women Book

  • Practical, hands on and presents natural health strategies which are easy to understand and implement;
  • Learn about common menstruation and menopausal concerns, bone integrity, fatigue, mood and much more,
  • Discover if you are ovulating & why is your temperature, signs and symptoms important at any age.
  • Learn common signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalance at any Stage of Woman and WHAT to do about these.

.”..It is a great resource for women of all ages and a useful guide to enlighten and empower women from adolescence to post-menopausal stages.  It sheds light on what’s happening with our bodies and why and also how we can play a more proactive role to improve our wellbeing.

The book is jam packed with many tips and resources, plus a very useful contacts section.  The tone and layout is fresh, friendly, easy to digest and interactive, with lots of room to record notes and observations. It is a go-to reference book for women I will be telling my women friends about.”  Nada Matijevic, Innovation Consulting Solutions 

On-Line Women’s Health School – High value learning through knowledge sharing of practical, safe and effective strategies in a supported, convenient and economical way with the on-line School, Natural Woman Network.

Radiant Women – Natural Healing for the Three Stages of Woman  book and events are based on what the author, Wendy Dumaresq has found to be effective in improving health and well-being for the huge number of women she has consulted over many years in clinical practice in natural women’s health and healing.

Radiant Women is a healing tool for you if you want to take charge of your wellness journey and have the guidance which can help you to experience optimum health and well-being.

Radiant Women Webinars and Programs – are 1:1 on-line or ‘in-clinic’ programs, as well as group programs and events to help you achieve long lasting health and wellness utilizing natural therapies.  Please EMAIL ME if you would like details.

Radiant Women book

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