I help women to experience better Energy, Mood, Focus, Vitality and Enjoyment in life through my individually tailored programs

Personal programs and On-Line Courses are available globally for women of all ages and stages.

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1. IDENTIFY your health and well-being challenges, your wants, needs and goals in life and career.
2. SHARE specifically designed for YOU strategies, information and recommendations.
3. SUPPORT – including convenient on-line video conferencing consultations available globally, practitioner grade therapeutic goods, consideration of the Physical Body, Mental, Emotional aspects and deeper awareness. 
4. REVIEW and RECOMMEND a range of strategies including dietary, lifestyle, natural therapies and other options. 

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Personal Programs and On-Line Learning activities are available for women of all ages and stages where ever you live in the world .

NATURAL WOMAN NETWORK School – Helping One Million Women Thrive With Health.  

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My journey to become a qualified and experienced Herbalist, Natural Fertility Management Counsellor and Ayurveda traditional massage practitioner, author and speaker focusing on women’s health concerns has been extremely rewarding and enjoyable.  

I was a young mum when this part of my journey started, with a newborn and was very, very ill.  In fact I was basically told to ‘get my affairs in order‘ as it seemed that conventional medicine could not do much for me.  Thankfully I had the support of a wonderful doctor at the time who suggested I see a herbalist/naturopath – ‘a what?’  I said, having never heard of that term before.  I did, and I have never looked back.

As a result of my own amazing improvement in health with natural therapies, I developed a passion and mission to assist as many people as I could to walk the same path – that of inspired and empowered natural healing.   I even changed an extremely rewarding career to study natural medicine to do so with absolutely no regrets as my main qualifications and experience at that time were in a business degree and organisational change management.  The learning from that part of my life also continues to assist me with my patient outcomes.


One of the most important factors in a healing journey is the feeling of empowerment. I tend to focus on my role as ‘Teacher/Healer’ knowing how important it is for you and groups of women to learn strategies and skills that are simple yet powerful which you can employ in your every day life for increased vitality and wellness.

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photo-e-d-twisted-gums-2Wendy lives and consults at the beautiful south coast NSW and is passionate about pedal power – bike riding (not noisy motor bike type!), organic and local food security, singing in an Acapella group, laughing as much as possible, spending time with Nature Spirits and enjoying her friends and family.

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