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Radiant Women – Natural Healing for the Three Stages of Woman is  Rocket Fuel for your women’s wellness journey.  Radiant Women book is for all the ages and stages of Woman, from teenagers to our wise elder women. Learn how:

  • to feel more energised
  • to know if you have some common signs of imbalance which can lead to menstrual or menopausal and beyond problems
  • to have more stable moods
  • to track your cycle if you are menstruating and if you are not how to know if your signs are conducive to good health
  • other women have progressed with their healing
  • your diet, lifestyle and simple natural remedies can make a HUGE difference.
  • to instigate a simple and powerful program right from your own home.

‘Marie’ contributes her story in the Radiant Women book:    Today I feel as though I have been given lifelong answers to lifelong questions. I feel I have a ‘first aid’ kit of knowledge and resources to facilitate my pursuit of the best health possible to lead the best life I can…”  

Radiant Women is based on what the author, Wendy Dumaresq has found to be effective in improving health and well-being for the huge number of women she has consulted over many years in clinical practice.

You will access simple and straight forward information and strategies that can lead you to becoming more familiar with and to start to resolve your challenges in women’s health concerns such as menstruation and menopause challenges and a variety of other women’s health issues.

MANY women throw up their hands in despair and then let them fall in resignation regarding their menstrual cycle problems, PMS, painful periods, heavy bleeding etc., as well as their debilitating menopausal symptoms……..This easy to use, jam-packed book with great information and a fun format is a book that offers women great tools they can easily access and implement toward a happier relationship with their cycle and feminine processes.”  Jane Bennett, Women’s wellness Author & Educator. 

Radiant Women is a healing tool for you if you want to take charge of your wellness journey and have the guidance which can help you to experience optimum health and well-being.

In this edition there are some fantastic new contributions from other therapists and healing facilitators which will really surprise and delight you. With their contributions, these therapists and deep thinkers ask you to consider refreshingly different aspects of lifestyle which you will find to be fun, effective, easy to implement and can have lasting benefit.

Radiant Women is an inspiration rich 88 pages in a large size workbook narrative and fun style. The full color book, is easy to read and understand and designed specifically so that you can record your observations. You can photocopy important charts for continued use, compare your starting observations and later your results, learn from other women’s stories and access additional information which can greatly enhance your wellness journey.




Radiant Women book


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