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June 15 – 18, 2017. Rocklyn Ashram, near Daylesford, Central Victoria : Women Wisdom Keepers – Thriving in Body Mind Spirit for Women 50 plus’  3 day live event.  Please see below.

Brisbane, August, 2017 ‘Listen to Your Body’  4 days of live events for women of all ages and stages.  The weaving includes  ‘Moon Mothers’, ‘Red Moon’ and ‘Radiant Women – Quiet Please, Your Body Is Talking’.  For the first time in Australia  three unique women’s healing journey workshops are being presented together for your enjoyment. Please scroll down for details.

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Women Wisdom Keepers – Thriving in Body Mind Spirit for Women 50 plus

Rocklyn Ashram, near Daylesford, Central Victoria area, June 2017

3 day live event.

You will have the guidance of two highly experienced, qualified practitioners/teachers/healers. Enjoy powerful, inspiring and creative processes such as visual arts, guided meditations,  Women’s Ceremony, practical and easy to implement physical health tips to build more energy, grace, enjoyment and ease into your life journey.  

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Moon Mothers – Radiant Women – Red Moon Workshops


Thursday 3 – Sunday 6th August, 2017, Brisbane, Australia

For greater Harmony, Grace, Energy and Strength

IMAGINE  that you are in lovely warm Brisbane in the middle of the southern winter.  You are treating yourself to four days of receiving valuable tools in the Women’s Mysteries; tools which can help you start to greatly enrich your women’s wellness journey at any age and stage of your life.