For women of any age to assist with great Harmony, Grace, Energy and Strength

Three amazing days –  Moon Mothers, Radiant Women and Red Moon

Thursday 3 – Saturday 5th August, 2017, Brisbane, Australia

Women Space, 11 Second Avenue, Sandgate, Brisbane

If you are a woman who wants to feel more empowered, balance your energy, and learn self-healing tools that will enrich and enliven you at any age, then don’t miss these three information rich days in one location facilitated by renown wisdom keepers and Healers Miranda Gray and Wendy Dumaresq. 

Why are you treating yourself?  Because you deserve it.

I came just for information because I am menopausal. I am really delighted to discover I can still live a cyclic life with the archetypes. I have not lost anything but found everything!..”  E.T.  UK.

A FIRST FOR AUSTRALIA These three Women’s self-healing days are for you at any stage of your life and Woman’s Journey.  This is the very first time Moon Mothers and Red Moon workshops are being offered in the southern hemisphere, and the first time in the world that Radiant Women workshops is added to the mix.   Your workshops are facilitated by two renown Wisdom Keepers & Healers, Miranda Gray from U.K. and Wendy Dumaresq from Australia.

Of the THREE days of knowledge sharing  YOU can choose your best options – Benefit from the

  • whole 3 days of enriching and life enhancing knowledge sharing or
  • choose either the 2 day Moon Mothers, or the 1 day co-created Radiant Women and Red Moon workshop

Whatever works best with your life at the moment.  We have a Special  Discounted Price for the three days inclusive and a generous Early Bird discounted rate (see near end of page).

IMAGINE  that you are in lovely warm Brisbane in the middle of the southern winter.  You are treating yourself to four days of receiving valuable tools in the Women’s Mysteries; tools which can help you start to greatly enrich your women’s wellness journey at any age and stage of your life.

You are feeling excited to be focusing on your women’s well-being with a fantastic group of like minded women.

Women like you who KNOW that there are wonderful, natural and intuitive ways of starting to feel so much better in their Women’s Life Journey and can’t WAIT to have access to this information.

You anticipate how empowered you will feel as you are receiving inspiring and amazing tips on how to help balance your energy and life in safe and fun ways, tried and tested ways. 

Radiant Women – “… with Wendy I felt very comfortable and at ease…. connected to her vibrant energy, trusting in her ability and integrity. Her profound knowledge and deep caring supported me as I made positive changes to support my physical Health and emotional well being. …”  Judy Humphreys, NSW.  Authentic Organics.

8 Compelling reasons to attend Listen to Your Body Events:

  • Be among the FIRST in Australia to achieve Moon Mother Level 1 Practitioner Certification.
  • TIME OUT just for YOU in a relaxed, private and nourishing environment with a group of like minded women.
  • How to start to boost your vitality, energy and well-being the natural way.
  • Expert guidance: Your event leaders have between them over 4 decades of experience working with women to help share and develop the understanding of women’s mysteries and natural healing tools in extremely practical ways.
  • Yours to take home – Radiant Women Book, Moon Mother manual, Red Moon, Deep Personal Ecology tools. 
  • Why the menopause transition is so empowering and how it can lead to your best years yet!
  • Learn some common women’s health challenges and natural solutions from real life case studies – the Radiant Women way..  
  • Red Moon – How to understand and use the gifts of the menstrual cycle, different gifts and challenges of the phases of your cycle, as well as other natural cycles for women not menstruating.
“(Red Moon)…An amazing day full of lots of information and practical suggestions. I can’t wait to try everything!…”   MR


You will experience three days of amazing, transformational experiences which can help you to live your life with greater harmony, peace, unity, grace-filled energy, strength and wisdom.

Red Moon Workshop

Saturday 5th August. 

A half day workshop led by  Miranda Gray. Based on Miranda’s book  Red Moon, this interactive workshop introduces you to the Cyclic Woman and the four female archetypes that lie within all women.

Red Moon is full of ‘Aha!’ moments and practical information on living in harmony with your cyclic nature to bring about greater well-being.  All women are welcome, with or without a menstrual cycle, and all participants will take part in a beautiful group healing of the archetypes. (It is recommended that women that are taking the Moon Mother workshop also take this workshop.)

Take home valuable understanding of your woman’s processes, cycles and harmonies which can help inform your life journey for ever in empowering ways.

Red Moon“…It was a wonderful experience to just be able to spend time with other women in a warm, inviting environment. Miranda is an amazing teacher and through her we learn to embrace our inner feminine and divine mother.”  Hannah.

Radiant Women Workshop

Saturday 5th August. – interwoven with Red Moon Workshop

Quiet Please , this is your Body talking! (half day workshop). Led by Wendy Dumaresq, with a background of decades of working with women providing natural health solutions for women’s health challenges.

This inspiring, empowering and practical  workshop shares valuable tools for transforming your woman’s wellness from surviving to thriving at any age. Wendy loves to assist women to understand how to activate many different levels of self-healing and understanding from the physical to the mind and the Spirit.

In this workshop Wendy will be guiding you with some  strategies from her  Radiant Women –  Natural Healing for the Three Stages of Woman  book as well as other methods from her clinical and coaching practices such as::

  • Why it is important to observe your signs, symptoms, temperature and other variables in order to learn about your health journey.
  • Some common women’s health challenges and possible ways of utilising natural healing for these.
  • Why it’s so important to realise your health journey is more than the physical and what else to take into account.
  • Introduction to Wendy’s Deep Personal Ecology (TM) processes and how to start to take this into account for helping your thrive in life.
  • How to start to use your Body as a Barometer in your every day life.
  • Why it’s so important to only use body and home products which you can EAT with safety!
  • Why your connection with the earth and natural spaces is so important and how to make the most of this.

Each participant will receive a signed copy of Radiant Women book, any charts and information additional to this which we cover in the workshop.

Radiant Women “….Wendy was able to assist me to work with the ‘terrain of my soul’ and helped me to understand how that links in with my women’s health experience in a way I had not experienced before. The simple yet powerful processed employed by Wendy were both inspiring and pragmatic….”  Vikki Nash, Bindu Creative Wellness.  Victoria.

Moon Mother Workshop

Thursday 3rd & Friday 4th August.

Following the heart and going deep into the sacred, authentic female energies: The Moon Mother 2-day information based with practical applications workshop, with Moon Mother initiation, led by Miranda Gray.

  • Become part of an international group of Moon Mothers in 57 countries offering  women ‘Womb Blessing- Female Energy Awakening’ initiations. 
  • Receive the Moon Mother initiation
  • Learn to give the beautiful and powerful Womb Blessing initiations to awaken women’s authentic female energies and bring much needed wholeness back to their being.
  • Learn to support yourself and other women through their awakening with Womb Healings based on the four female archetypal energies.
  • Moon Mother is a path of rapid personal and spiritual development. Becoming an active Moon Mother is a personal path of service and devotion to the sacred feminine energies.
  • International certification, a comprehensive manual (language options available), online resources, online listing as an authorised Moon Mother, Moon Mother Logo, access to international and local Womb Blessing Communities, qualification for further training and for Moon Mother-only events.

The Womb Blessing is a path of female awakening, and Moon Mothers help all women, regardless of physical condition, age or spiritual tradition, to walk this path.

Moon Mothers “…It was lovely to hear new things and reassuring to hear you validate / confirm things I am familiar with. It’s been beautiful to be immersed in feminine energy all weekend….”  Julie.

Listen to your Body’ INCLUSIONS and EXCLUSIONS please see below for details.  TERMS and CONDITIONS link – please see below payments field. 

Your Event Leaders

Miranda Gray

Miranda Gray

Miranda is a bridge between the worlds of creativity, healing and spiritual awareness and the world of well-being and the workplace. Her experience as an author, artist, healer and businesswoman, teamed with a consciousness born of actively living in harmony with her cyclic nature as a woman, gives Miranda a unique understanding; an understanding of what it means to be female in a modern world that does not support female energies and female cycles. 
Wendy Dumaresq

Wendy Dumaresq

Dip Med Herb, Ad C NFM, Dip Ayurveda massage, B. Bus.

We are not Broken, we don’t need to be Fixed.  We just need to remember who we are“.  

My journey to become a qualified and experienced Herbalist, Natural Fertility Management Counsellor and Ayurveda traditional massage practitioner focusing on women’s health concerns has been extremely rewarding and enjoyable.  

I was a young mum when this part of my journey started, with a newborn and was very, very ill.  In fact it was strongly implied that I should ‘get my affairs in order‘ as it seemed that conventional medicine could not do much for me.  Thankfully I had the support of a wonderful doctor at the time who suggested I see a herbalist or naturopath. ‘A what?’  I said, having never heard of that term before.  I am so grateful for that wise advice and I have never looked back.  My passion for all things natural health grew quickly and a career change resulted in full time immersion into the world of ‘nature cure’.

Within my vocation I am also an author,  Business Coach so I also have the opportunity to witness how women in their work fare with their health.  It’s so enjoyable facilitating intuitive awareness with each person  and it gives me the opportunity to bring decades of experience in clinical practice and my Deep Personal Ecology(TM) strategies.

Currently I conduct my clinical practice and on-line programs as well as write for various media  in coastal NSW, Australia.  It is so beautiful where I live with huge tracts of land being dedicated to national parks and an abundance of nature spirits that it’s hard to tear myself away at times! 

Airport International Motel Brisbane

Location Details

Women Space, 11 Second Avenue, Sandgate, Q. 4017. Brisbane. Australia

Accommodation ideas:    Try AIR BNB for the Sandgate and surrounding areas, or for the Brisbane CBD, as it’s a direct 30 minute train ride to the venue from CBD.

Hostels:  such as BRISBANE City  YHA. Other sites such as TRIVAGO may be useful for accommodation and and reviews.

Travel – Train from airport to CBD of Brisbane and train directly to the venue surrounds.  Look up TRANSLINK train timetables for details.

We strongly advise that you take out travel insurance.


  • Light morning and afternoon tea provided by your event leaders.
  • All day hot drinks/tea/coffee and water.
  • Teachings, practices, processes, teaching aids and notes from both teachers/event leaders.
  • Moon Mothers – initiation and training in the Level 1 Womb Blessing and Level 1 Womb Healing techniques for women attending both days of Moon Mother workshop.  Certification as a Moon Mother Level 1 Practitioner, full workshop manual, Moon Mother bracelet, listing online as an authorized Moon Mother, access to the online Moon Mother Level 1 download area with additional documentation and resources, authorization to use the ‘Level 1 Moon Mother’ name and logo.
  • Radiant Women workshop – signed copy of Radiant Women Book, your own Personal Journal to write in and biro, laminated colour take home copy of Deep Personal Ecology (DPE) symbology, any other relevant notes from the workshop.
  • Red Moon workshop – copy of workshop handout containing worksheets and charting information.
  • All participants will receive a gift bag of information, vouchers and items pertaining to natural woman’s health.
  • Automatic inclusion into the new Radiant Women & Moon Mothers closed Facebook group so that you can keep in touch with the wonderful women you meet at this and future events.   


  • LUNCH & MORNING/AFTERNOON TEA – We provide morning and afternoon tea.   You are asked to bring your lunch or purchase some at the nearby shops.  We have access to the kitchen at WomenSpace to store your food or prepare food.
  • Accommodation and meals over the 3 days of the event.  
  • All personal care/clothing items are participants responsibility to bring to and take home from the venue.
  • Please wear comfortable, loose clothing and bring a comfortable cushion, blanket and yoga mat. 
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance.


Bookings are closed for this event

WOMENSPACE members – 10% discount (Contact Wendy)

***Please contact Wendy EMAIL or   0408 517796.   

 3 Days of workshops BUNDLE PRICE register and pay by August 1st, 2017 $680

Non-refundable Deposit  of $150** for each option.

Option 2.  Moon Mother 2 day workshop only

Your investment is $560                        Non-refundable deposit of $150 **

Option 3 – Radiant Women & Red Moon combined one day workshop

Your investment is $280                         Non refundable deposit of $150 **

 **Balance of all payments to be paid by close of Registration, 30th July, 2017.

Please read our Inclusions/Exclusions, Terms & Conditions listed below the payment fields before you enrol.

 Payment Options:  You can pay by secure on line deposit as below.  Alternatively you can contact our office directly for manual payment via eftpos or on-line bank transfer.

 Further information   E:  Ph: 0408 517 796

Premium Package –

All 2 Workshops Bundle

3 – 5th August 2017



Miranda & Wendy share 3 days of Powerful Tools for Transforming your Woman’s Journey to help experience greater Harmony, Grace, Energy and Strength

A Non-refundable $150 deposit is required to reserve your space.

Moon Mother 2 Day workshop

3 & 4th August, 2017




Following the heart and going deep into the sacred, authentic female energies: The Moon Mother 2-day practitioner workshop, with Moon Mother initiation, led by Miranda Gray.

A Non-refundable $150 deposit is required to reserve your space.

Radiant Women & Red Moon, 1 day combined Workshop

5th August, 2017



 Miranda & Wendy will lead you through empowering strategies to assist you to live with greater harmony and balance with your women’s cycles, stages and natural wellness.  This one day workshop combined gems from Red Moon as well as Radiant Women strategies.

A Non-refundable $150 deposit is required to reserve your space.